No to the summit of the capital! For an International of resistance and class struggle.

Come all to Hamburg against the G20 summit – participate in the International Block!
In July 2017 the world´s most politically powerful people will gather in Hamburg. Let’s counter their summit with an international and class-militant answer, as part of a struggle against capitalist exploitation, suppression, racism, imperialism and war!
At this summit the self-proclaimed leaders of the world will meet, who themselves are fighting against each other over power and influence, as well as instigate wars, civil wars and revolts for their own interests and by doing that, force incredible pain, displacement, hunger and misery upon humankind.

With a constant crisis of the capitalist system as a backdrop, the imperialist powers are fighting for the redistribution of the world. This leads to growing disparity, more poverty for the masses and more wealth for a tiny minority. The profits of a few corporations are rising, banks are being bailed out with billions of tax money and the capital is running from one crisis to the next, searching desperately for profitable investment opportunities. Climate change and the destruction of the environment are of threatening proportions and are reason for the flight of many.
The ruling elite have fewer and fewer answers for the crisis of their system except war, racism, suppression and destruction of whole regions. However, those are no excesses but unavoidable conclusions of the global order and capitalism in its imperialistic phase. While the depth of the crisis is becoming more and more obvious, the domestic actions of the ruling elite are becoming more repressive and reactionary. What the increasingly authoritarian neoliberalism couldn’t solve, should now be solved by using nationalistic ideology and protectionism. Borders are becoming denser and deadlier. This brutal border regime is part and parcel of a racist motivated deprivation of rights of those who are searching for help. If the representatives of the G20, whose countries account for 88% of the world economy output, are now gathering, they are doing so neither as equals, nor with the goal to resolve the harm they created, nor for the greater good of humankind. It only serves the purpose of continuing the economic competition and imperialistic conflicts on the floor of summit diplomacy.
Whatever will be decided, it can only be at the expenses of the poorer countries, even of the weaker G20-countries, to have to pay for the costs. Eventually those decisions come at the expenses of the working class, the poor, the refugees and the environment. Women and especially those from the working class and the peasantry are affected in particular by this wave. Rights gained over decades are in danger of falling victim to a worldwide rollback.
For those reasons, we are saying NO to this summit, to its representatives and its objectives!
We don’t expect anything form a racist and sexist Trump, whose election in the USA is but a new phenomenon of the crisis of the leading imperialist player. His visit alone is reason enough to take to the streets. But the rest of the ensemble as well, from Erdogan to Putin, are in no way better. They are all representatives of the capitalist system in a more or less authoritarian form.
And we also shouldn’t fool ourselves: the Merkel government praises the German style of governance and control as a “better” model for the world in the midst of a row of questionable alternatives. Hypocrisy trumps all. The ritual evoking of “democracy and human rights” is the ideological background music for a more active and hence a stronger German military role in the struggle over the redistribution of the world. The German government advocates for the implementation of austerity regimes in Europe, for deadly isolation of the EU-boarders, for an intensification of the class war from above as well as the abolition of democratic rights while massively increasing the domestic and international military apparatus.
The dishonest, bourgeois democrats are no alternative for or security from reactionary, nationalist and racist movements and parties. The rapid increase of those forces, however, is showing us the urgency of creating an international, class militant perspective against the system.
The reformist strategy declared by social democrats, trade union leaders and members of the left parties, to reform the capitalist system in the interest of everyone through a “different policy”, has proven itself over the last decades to be what it is: an illusion. Their leeway is always only as big as the capital allows it or is able to allow it to be. Instead of recognizing that and drawing their conclusions of it, they still declare that their politics could prevent crisis and confirm their own role on the deathbed of capitalism.
This does not mean that we are denouncing improvements through the struggle for reforms. Quite the contrary. In a situation of global defense, it is absolutely necessary to unite against attacks and to fight together for improvements. But we are also conscious of the fact that even small victories can only be won through the means of class struggle: mass strikes, occupations, mass mobilizations, and the creation of structures for self-organization. The working class and the suppressed have nothing to win from a hope to life in a “socially equilibrated” and “politically responsible” capitalism. More importantly, we have to prepare ourselves for an escalation of the class war and for the organized struggle against the system as a whole. Although reactionary movements are on the rise, there are also encouraging struggles all over the globe:
The resistance of the Palestinian and Kurdish people demonstrates clearly that the oppressed are not willing to stop their ongoing struggle. In India, mass strikes of 150 million participants showed the potential the working class has in this country, despite an extremely oppressive hindu-chauvinistic government. In Poland, hundreds of thousands of women are fighting against further restrictions of the already very restrictive abortion right. The working class in Greece, Spain or Portugal are searching for a political solution for the attacks against them by their own bourgeoisie and the EU. The strikes in France during the spring of 2016 showed the outline of a potential alternative to the Front National. In the US, a mass movement is forming against racism, fascism and sexism in which the activists are searching for an alternative not only for Trump, but for the Democratic Party as well.
When we are demonstrating in Hamburg, we are doing it in solidarity with all who are fighting in their countries against the politics and effects of this system!
Today capitalism is a worldwide system without any potential national solution. What applies for the bourgeoisie applies even more for the workers and oppressed. However, while the bourgeoisie is in an imperialistic conflict and competition among itself, our interests do not differ from those of our sisters and brothers around the world. In the question of self-determination and peace in Palestine or Kurdistan for example, the leeway for a regional solution is quite slim. Their resistance is colliding with the borders drawn by colonialism and imperialism. We are fighting for an internationalism that is respecting and guaranteeing – even in Europe – the right for self-determination of all people. In the same way that our solidarity with those national struggles for self-determination is international, so can only an international movement, one that is questioning every boarder, state and property relationships, pose a long-term perspective.
Our resistance is linked to countless struggles around the world. The relation to those struggles is central for us. Solidarity activities are an essential part of this policy. To further strengthen the international solidarity, we also need a common exchange and a trusting collaboration on an international level. This should be done in operational and trade union structures as well as in active alliances and forums.
The G20-summit is another important opportunity to organize ourselves and to bring our protest united to the streets. But the crucialfactor is the perspective and collaboration after the summit. Hence we are calling everyone to unite our resistance and to form an International Block to fight together, to work and discuss together how to achieve and build a political alternative to capitalism, racism, and chauvinism.
The G20 are holding their international meetings and political agreements against us and are showing unity in their implementation, despite their competition and their struggle for a redistribution of the world. Our struggles are fragmented and uncoordinated. What we need is a new, anti-capitalist International of the working class and the suppressed in order to build bridges from the resistance against the impositions of the system to the struggle against capitalism and for a socialist society.
● Solidarity with the struggles of workers and trade unions worldwide!
● No to domestic militarism! Against the destruction of democratic rights!
● Against the suppression of women, LGBTIQ* and the youth!
● No to every imperialist intervention! Immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops!
● No to racism – for open borders and equal civil rights for all!
● For the right of self-defense and self-determination! Against all criminalizations of resistance, left and antiimperialist groups!
● Support the struggle against occupation and colonization! International solidarity with the liberation struggle in Palestine and Kurdistan!
● For an international coordination of the class struggle! For a new International!

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